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    Mind Your Wi-Fi

    By- Mike Ropicky The day Apple rolled out the iOS7 operating system could have been disastrous for wireless networks. It was downloaded more than 200 million times in the first 72 hours and each of those downloads was more than 700 MB. Mobile carriers potentially needed to manage a total of more than 140 exabytes…

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    Nest acquisition: Where next for ‘new’ Google?

    By Dave Lee These days, it’s the biggest player in internet advertising. It’s a company that sends balloons into near-space, and kits out entire cities with underground cables. It’s a company that runs most of the world’s smartphones and tablets (logging customers’ locations as it goes), and is taking on the wearable tech sector with…

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  • Tech World Wants Subscriptions to Replace Bookstores

    By – Joshua Brustein  For a bunch of rapacious capitalists, the people who start technology companies are strikingly ambivalent about the concept of owning stuff. Silicon Valley would like to replace the practice of owning copies of, say, a song or a movie, with a world where everything’s kept on servers that people pay to access. Next…

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  • Vodafone Australia Launches Cat 4 LTE

    By-Dylan Bushell-Embling Vodafone Australia has announced the launch of Cat 4 LTE services, with the first two devices that can take advantage of the 150Mbps theoretical peak speeds. The company has introduced the new Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB stick and the Vodafone Pocket WiFi wireless broadband devices. ORIGINAL POST AT  TELCOMASIA.NET

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  • Optimize to survive

    By – Dave Labuda Communication service providers may have mastered the art of charging and billing as a mechanism for generating revenue, but they have constantly failed to master the art of maximizing income. From the era of monopolistic PTTs was borne the concept that voice calls and messaging could be priced any which way. Revenues and…

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    Eight Apply for Indian Spectrum Auction

    By-Dylan Bushell/Embling Eight Indian operators, including incumbent Bharti Airtel and disruptive pan-India 4G start-up Reliance Jio Infocomm, have applied to take part in an auction for new 900-MHz and 1800-MHz spectrum. The entry of Reliance Jio, a unit of Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries, is expected to stimulate intense bidding during the auction, according to the…

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