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    The Relationship between Wearable Technology and WebRTC

    Itegrating WebRTC  with wearable devices enhances its Concept series for gesture-based movement and contextual data. Joe Burton, Plantronics’ CEO, explained that WebRTC opens up a whole new world of communications options, which makes it an ideal environment for wearable capabilities. Read more

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  • Adobe Brings Big 3D Printing Features to Photoshop C

    Photoshop is expanding into the world of 3D printing in a big way. Adobe announced today that it’s adding some significant 3D printing features to the Creative Cloud version of Photoshop, which it wants to one of the core tools in the 3D designer’s toolbox. Read more

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  • Verizon Leads Top Wireless Carriers in Bill Size

    Verizon Wireless has the largest average bill size among the four major mobile carriers in the US, while T-Mobile has the lowest, according to a survey released yesterday by research firm Cowen and Company. The survey of 1,876 US-based mobile customers in Q4 2013 pegged the average monthly Verizon bill at $148, higher than Sprint…

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    True Denial: Analyzing the True Proxy Attack

    By-Don Sambandaraksa Over the weekend, news broke in social media circles that True’s transparent proxy had been compromised and was serving up compromised Google Ad Javascript files that had hard-coded ads of a rather dubious nature. That attack stopped almost immediately after the news was blogged, but not before a network engineer on True Internet…

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