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    Singapore Trials Wi-Fi at 28 MRT Platforms

    In a bid to provide better service in Singapore’s public transport network and aims to enhance wireless connectivity for commuters while they wait for trains,  Land Transportation Authority of the city-state is set to implement a Wi-Fi connection trial at 28  Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station platforms across the country……..CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY……..

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    Leap Motion Stepped Into Japan Partnering With Softbank

    By Ken Yeung, The smart 3D gesture control hardware and software company has formed a partnership with BB Softservice Corp., a SoftBank group company. This deal will see Leap Motion’s Controller distributed exclusively through BB Softservice. Read more

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    Yahoo Malware Turned European Computers into Bitcoin Slaves

    Up to 2 million European Yahoo users may have received malware from ads on the company’s homepage that turned computers into bitcoin-mining zombies, according to the Guardian. Malicious bitcoin-mining software is a rising trend among malware distributors, and the Guardian article stresses the ease with which the software was installed through Java exploits. Yahoo has…

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    The Twitter Stream is an Awesome Hose But need Filters Please

    The stream has become the dominant form for content consumption, especially for social media like Twitter, and having a never-ending source of information can be a wonderful thing — but it can also be overwhelming and noisy. We need better ways to manage it.

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    Gmail to Allow Google+ Users to Send Anyone an Email

    By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER Google will soon allow people to send anyone an email, even if they do not have the person’s email address, as long as both people have a Gmail and Google Plus account. The change, which was announced Thursday and will be introduced over the next few days, was met with protest by…

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