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    Laptops to get Intel 3D depth sensing cameras

    BBC NEWS  Intel has said that laptops featuring 3D-camera technology developed by the chipmaker will go on sale this year. It said seven firms would release products that contained its software and hardware, which would be indentified by the RealSense brand. At a press conference in Las Vegas, Intel showed how one of its depth sensors could…

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    The Exploding Marketing Technology Space

    John Koetsier, VENTURE BEAT   Ion Interactive CTO and marketing technologist Scott Brinker has released version 3.0 of his “marketing technology landscape supergraphic.” It’s certainly super. The icon-strewn graphic contains a staggering 947 companies that offer mostly web-based software as a service for marketers — yet another indication of the degree to which technology has consumed the marketing…

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  • CES 2014: Android device sales ‘to top one billion’ in 2014

    BBC NEWS More than one billion Android-powered devices will be sold in 2014, according to Gartner’s latest forecast. Gartner predicted that shipments of tablets would be 53% higher in 2014 than the previous year, with uses becoming more comfortable with the idea of using the machines outside their homes.  READ ORIGINAL POST HERE

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