• Bill Gates Invests In The Urine Powered Mobile Phone

      Click here to view the video : Mobile phone runs on urine power – Bristol Robotics  “The main aim of this proposal is to recover useful levels of electrical energy directly from urine, and thus convert an existing – entirely unexploited – waste into a sustainable fuel for the future, with concomitant clean water production.”…

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  • With New Outsourcing Deal, BlackBerry Cancels Two Phones

    By Will Connors A small item from BlackBerry’s earnings-related filing Friday got lost in the news of its hardware partnership with Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group–sales of its new phones have been so bad that BlackBerry was forced to cancel the roll out of two not-yet-released phones. Click here to read original post 

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  • Net neutrality is a dead man walking

    Many have envisioned a future where Internet service providers charge their customers extra to access popular services like Netflix or YouTube or Facebook. They might slow these services down, allowing them to give their own offerings preferential treatment. Or they might ask some companies to pay an extra fee to make their websites perform better than others.Read…

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  • Yahoo Acquisition of PeerCDN Expands WebRTC Beyond Google

    Yahoo has been making major moves to vamp up its content strategy, and it is continuing that momentum with the acquisition of PeerCDN, a content delivery network provider that aims to make the Web faster and more reliable, while helping websites reduce bandwidth costs. Read more

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  • 8T8R radio modules: helping transform LTE TDD deployments

    what is beamforming? To put it simply, it is a more efficient way of sending signals in specific directions to improve throughput and reliability. Traditional radio antennas were usually omnidirectional, and wasted energy sending signals to where they were not necessarily needed.Read more

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  • The Day Google Had to ‘Start Over’ on Android

    Google was building a secret mobile product to fend off chief rival Microsoft. Then Apple announced the iPhone, and everything changed. In 2005, on Google’s sprawling, college-like campus, the most secret and ambitious of many, many teams was Google’s own smartphone effort—the Android project. Tucked in a first-floor corner of Google’s Building 44, surrounded by Google…

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