• Consumers Will Pay $5 for an App That Respects Their Privacy – Study

    Ever since the iPhone came out in 2007, the going rate for many of the most popular apps has been exactly $0.00. Consumers pay nothing. But of course, nothing is free. Instead, consumers pay with their data, that’s sold to marketers, or with screen space, which is forked over to make room for ads. It’s a…

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  • Dark data could halt big data’s path to success

       by Doug Miles One of the attributes of winning companies is how deeply they understand their market, customers and competitors. Getting better at that may well be the key to survival in our hyper-competitive global market. Analysing data is one of the ways to gain insight and uncover new opportunities. Advanced content management, search, business intelligence…

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  • Here’s Why Microsoft Is Worried About Google Chromebooks

       In 2012, Google’s Chromebooks captured a laughable 0.2% of computer purchases within United States-based businesses and institutions. Thus far in 2013? Chromebook penetration has skyrocketed to a 9.6% share, and a staggering 21% piece of the sales pie when zeroing in on just notebooks. READ MORE

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  • This is 2013 on social media

    As the year draws to a close, Professor Steven van Belleghem draws together a collection of striking facts, information and tidbits from all over the world in relation to social media: More

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