• Oracle buys Cloud Marketing Player Responsys

    Oracle Buys Responsys – Creates the World’s Largest Modern Marketing Cloud by Adding Leading B2C Marketing Orchestration Platform. Following the news, shares of Constant Contact – another mail marketing company and Marketo, another cloud based marketing solutions provider went up…more  

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  • Ever thought of a ‘NETFLIX for books’ business model?

    Ever thought of a ‘Netflix for books’ business model? Mark Coker of Smashwords, which recently inked a major content deal with Scribd, weighs in on how the all-you-can-read model changes the way we read, how authors make creative choices, and how everyone gets paid. Read Full Report here: 

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  • LTE Predictions for 2014

    VoLTE is unlikely to make a significant impact in 2014 because few countries will have the breadth of network needed for useful service. LTE continues to make an impact on the mobile networking landscape, and 2014 will mark the arrival of new features and capabilities that show just how capable the technology is in meeting…

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